The Shaun Barker Foundation

Giving back to others is one of the most rewarding things you can experience in your lifetime.
As a professional footballers we offer our services and time to help raise awareness for people less fortunate than ourselves; for every teammate I’ve played with this part of their job is a great experience and chance to interact with some great people. For me though turning up for photos, doing interviews and maybe having a quick conversation at the end isn’t personal and rewarding enough. This is why over the last couple of years I’ve delved into the charity work a little more to try and go that little bit further.
The ShaunBarkerFoundation has been setup to try and help support as many amazing people in an array of different, tough situations. Each charity I’m supporting has a personal reason why I’ve chosen that one in particular and I can’t wait to see how any raised donations help to change so many lives. If there’s any charity or scheme you see and are interested in please feel free to donate and help make a difference.

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