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Shaun Barker: 1,065 Days

I first met Shaun Barker late in 2014 to talk about The Shaun Barker Foundation. Having worked with football clubs for several years, I was immediately struck by a man who lived up to his reputation of being completely unlike the stereotype of a modern footballer.  He was funny, warm, erudite and incredibly positive, despite at this point having been ruled out of football for over 18 months.

The story of the knee injury and subsequent rehabilitation is equally tragic, inspiring and fascinating.  Everyone I’ve spoken to about the injury has pointed out two things: firstly, that they’ve never seen a more complicated and horrific knee injury (multiple people have suggested that it more closely resembled an injury sustained in a car crash rather than on a football pitch) and secondly, that they’ve never known another man to endure with such misfortune and brutal setbacks as Shaun Barker.  Whether you’re a Derby County fan, a fan of football in general, or neither, Shaun Barker’s story is one of huge personal strength, immeasurable courage and an incessant drive in the face of seemingly impossible odds that deserves to be told.

As well as Shaun’s story, the documentary will also look at the post-football life of professional players, the psychological impact of major injuries and the importance of Derby County as a club.


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