Itai – Tennis Lessons

The Shaun Barker Foundation are delighted to announce they’ll be funding a years worth of one to one tennis lesson for young enthusiast Itai. 

After Rob Hawkins (manager of Derbyshire Tennis centre) heard of some of the great work the Shaun Barker Foundation are doing around the City, he contacted Shaun to see if there were any opportunities to help local underprivileged kids, especially those that showed a keen interest as well talent at tennis. After a couple of meetings, Itai’s name was brought to the Foundations attention. Both Shaun and Rob were in agreement that together they could fund and deliver sessions to further Itai’s talent. 

Shaun said “Itai has a real love and obvious talent for tennis. I’m so pleased that my Foundation and Derbyshire Tennis Centre have been able to join forces and provide Itai with a full years worth of one one to one and group coaching, which would have otherwise been unattainable. Every child deserves an opportunity to develop their talents.

Good luck Itai. 


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