Enthusiasm Trust – Support for Jack

Enthusiasm Trust was set up as a registered charity in July 2001. The core values of local people wanting to make a difference and see young people reach their true potential, remain and Enthusiasm have
developed a unique approach to youth work by recruiting and developing local young
people to become mentors to others in their peer group. This approach provides stronger
foundations in local communities and promotes change from within to help to regenerate
the areas where we work. One of those mentors is Jack Walsh – The Shaun Barker
Foundation is funding the first year of Jack’s apprenticeship in Youth Work so Jack can help
others who are in the same situation he once was.

Jack Walsh, 18, from Allenton said: “When I was 11, I was excluded from school and I lost
my granddad who was my inspiration. I was fighting every week and I went downhill,
smashing the house up and falling out with my parents. I was referred to Enthusiasm from
school where I met my mentor Carlos who became “like another family member”. To have the opportunity to work for the charity that has helped me turn my life around is a privilege
and I can’t wait to help others”.

Heather Russo Founder of Enthusiasm said “Jack has worked extremely hard to turn his life
around – and now he is in a position to help others who are going down the same path as he
was, who better to help these young person than someone who has experienced it
themselves and come through it a better person” she continued “I cannot thank Shaun and
The Foundation enough, the opportunity this donation provides for both Jack and the
charity is immense and will help change many more lives for the better”.


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